To Follow Your Dream

In Vollsmose, one of the most notorious ghettos of Denmark, daily life is far from the terrifying picture painted by the media. They only mention this four square kilometer area when a seldom shooting or episode of violence occurs. In reality the neighborhood is in the middle of the statistics of violence for the whole city of Odense, Denmark.

The group of trouble makers amount to about two percent of the young. "The rest are just the same as anywhere else in town," says Preben Elbek who was living in Vollsmose for eight years and is in charge of the student counseling in Odense.

There are no car ways through this area which is surrounded by big roads, so you don't go here with specific reason. Vollsmose houses about 10.000 people in two square kilometers. The other two square kilometers are green areas with parks, trees and small lakes. As many as 50-60 percent of the population is younger than 25 years of age. As many other young Danes they are put a lot of energy into sports, making music and being popular among their friends.