The Journey

Battling a deep and yearlong depression, I needed to exit the apartment and see people again. So I decided to hitchhike from Denmark to visit family in Finland. Instead I ended up in Nordkap - the northernmost point in Europe - and travelled along the coast of Norway back home. 6000 kilometers with no single bad experience.

Diary entity
August 28, 2013,
Near Gällivare, North Sweden:

“I am at Janne and Karola’s. Martin is here all the time. He sings the song Laugh and a Half by D-A-D: ‘There’s something inside me, and I know it’s good.’ There is [something good inside him], regardless of his love for the cat he calls Hitler, his desire for [the right wing nationalist party] the Sweden Democrats to govern Sweden because of their views on ‘foreigners’, and that he is a full blooded racist - according to himself.
He says he is sometimes too hard on kids, but he has love, respect, and he sees them. They feel it and the rest of us do too. He has respect for all of the people he meets in person, and he has just offered me a job in the mining industry.”