Skammens Vogn

With texts stripped as much as possible from anything specific, the Danish group Skammens Vogn is searching for the imperfect. For the feeling of being present and not hiding behind years of perfecting their instrument. Vulnerable and insecure.

The lead singer Nikolaj Zeuthen is not a singer. He's a poet. But the group makes the lyrics jointly. Nikolaj joined his two childhood friends, musicians Oliver Hoiness and Jacob Millung, who wanted to play music without a direction. Music that makes you unsure if you should cry with tears of joy or tears of sorrow.

The group is interested in shame, guilt, and in awkward everyday situations. When they rehearse one of them always starts crying. As Jacob put it in a newspaper interview: "We cry from all of our fears."

Listen to Kender Du Det? and Noget Rigtig Godt Noget.