Whole Through Hell

"I went to Syria to show how you create a routine in a conflict zone. And that is the story i went home with," says photojournalist Daniel Rye.

He was held hostage for 13 months by the Islamic State in Irak and Syria (ISIS). Being a former elite gymnast, he taught the other hostages how to maintain their bodies three days a week. Other hostages held yoga and history lessons to cope with an everyday life permeated with fear.

Though Daniel Rye was subjected to hardcore torture he did not leave captivity with hatred. He understands that his captors didn't hate him personally. They hated the western world and used him as a recipient of their anger.

Fewer than one in 25 hostages return home without posttraumatic stress disorder. Daniel Rye did. He doesn't fit the rule of thumb, that for every month spent in captivity it takes a year to recover.

After returning home, he has resumed his work as a photojournalist, rebuilt an allotment house, and released a book of his time in Syria about which he also gives talks.
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